Los Angeles Group Transportation

White charter bus on street with electronic sign reading TLC Luxury in top right corner of windshield. Blue skies, palm trees, and a brown building are all in the background.

The Very Best In Group Transportation

Los Angeles is one of the most unique cities in the world. The City of Angels has more than most when it comes to historical sights and nature attractions. TLC Luxury is one of the few to provide Los Angeles group transportation with tour bus rentals. We use our luxury vehicles to transport groups to different places in Southern California. We frequently travel to the Universal Studios Hollywood,  and many more.

Los Angeles Conventions Are Our Thing

California’s largest city is primarily known for its different attractions and sights to see. In addition to excursions, LA is known for the large conventions held at the iconic LA Convention Center. During a large trade show you will see many charter bus rentals driving up and down the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. TLC Luxury specializes in managing large convention shuttles with no limit on size.

White charter bus parked in front of Los Angeles Convention Center
Children entering yellow school bus in a residential community with a brick house on the right and green trees and grass in the background

Field Trips Are Our Favorite!

Adults are not the only ones that get to have fun in Los Angeles. TLC Luxury Los Angeles’ group transportation services also extend to little ones learning what the world has to offer. Teachers and principles frequently request yellow school buses to safely take their kids on field trips to places like the Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica Pier,

Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest way to get around Los Angeles is using the metro system. You will not want to use public transportation if you have a large group of people. We suggest chartering a Los Angeles charter bus to cost effectively and safely move around the city.

SuperShuttle Los Angeles is the most commonly used shuttle to LAX. We recommend booking our Los Angeles airport transfer service when you have a lot of people in the same group catching the same flight. 

Los Angeles is walkable depending on your itinerary. If you are staying within one area such as Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles then you are fine to walk. We do recommend booking a private tour bus rental if you need to travel between the different pockets of Los Angeles.

There are many high-end areas to stay in Los Angeles. Your accommodation choice usually depends on what you want to do while in town. For example, if you are looking to hang out at the beach or to hear the ocean waves as you sleep then Santa Monica is the place for you. If you are in town to catch a Basketball game or go to a convention then Downtown Los Angeles is the best option. We highly recommend you book one of our bus rentals if you have a large amount of people with you. Private transportation is the easiest and most cost effective way to travel in LA when you have a large amount of people.

People visiting Los Angeles are quite often surprised when they see the price of their Uber transfers. It is usually a better idea to arrange a private vehicle with one of the few group transportation companies Los Angeles has to offer. 

There are multiple ways to get around Los Angeles. The cheapest option for transportation Los Angeles has to offer is the public transit. Many people use this option, but it is not the fastest way to get around the city. Secondly, many individuals rent bicycles and scooters around the city as a fun way to travel. Lastly, large groups of people will request a private charter bus rentals to easily move around the city. Acquiring private transportation can also be the most cost effective way to travel in Los Angeles due to the high costs of Uber and other transportation options.

There are many options for tours in Los Angeles. There are great options for individual tickets, but as a group you probably will not want to share a vehicle with people you don't know. We recommend booking a Los Angeles private tour to see what the city has to offer. For field trips, we recommend booking the nicest school bus rental Los Angeles has to offer equipped with A/C and a PA system to teach the kids on board all the facts they need to know.