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TLC Luxury

San Diego Charter Bus

Temsa TS-45 - 56 Passengers

Built to the highest standards, TLC Luxury San Diego’s Temsa TS-45 provides the perfect combination of luxury and reliability for those traveling throughout the San Diego area. With plush reclining seats and hardwood floors, this TLC Luxury San Diego Tour Bus stands out above the rest regarding motor coach transportation. TLC Luxury San Diego’s Temsa TS-45 is truly top of the line when compared to others in the area.

Investing in the safety of its passengers, the Temsa TS-45 was constructed to assure those on board they have nothing to worry about when driving down the highway. Equipped with seat belts and emergency exits, TLC Luxury San Diego’s Temsa TS-45 ensures all are safe in any situation. With safety regarded as most important, know you are in good hands when booking with TLC Luxury San Diego bus rentals.

Thanks to its electronic suspension, the Temsa TS-45 has the smoothest ride of any San Diego City Tour Bus in the city. TLC Luxury San Diego’s Temsa TS-45 proves to be the most relaxing transportation experience combining the suspensions state of the art technology with the best air conditioning unity on the market. Explore the city at your own leisure knowing you have your Temsa TS-45 and motor coach operator on stand by ready

Truly remarkable, the Temsa TS-45 provides great value when creating unforgettable experiences. The perfect balance of style and reliable safety features makes TLC Luxury San Diego’s Temsa TS-45 superior than any other Charter Bus Rental San Diego. TLC Luxury San Diego urges you to book the Temsa TS-45 promptly to ensure you make the most important investment your next trip.
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