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Los Angeles Charter Bus

Prevost H3 - 56 Passengers

The leader in motor coach manufacturing, the Prevost H3 comes with all amenities needed for tour directors to properly showcase the beauty of the Los Angeles area to their passengers. Equipped with a top of the line multi media system and microphone, passengers can clearly listen to the history of the area while watching the serene surroundings of Los Angeles’ beauty pass them by through the tinted windows of their luxury Los Angeles Tour Bus. Built with comfort in mind, the Prevost H3 keeps all on board satisfied and relaxed when traveling to the many breath-taking sites of Los Angeles such as the Santa Monica Pier.

Considered the pinnacle of motor coach transportation, TLC Luxury Los Angeles’ Prevost H3 transfers sightseers of Los Angeles to many attractions found in the area. Frequently visiting Los Angeles Hiking spots, TLC Luxury Los Angeles often finds its Prevost H3 transferring people to the Hollywood Sign hiking trail enjoying the time spent on their vehicle before and after their hiking excursion. Constructed for convenience, sightseers of Los Angeles frequently book the Prevost H3 to ensure they have everything the need when exploring the beauty Los Angeles has to offer while maintaining a smile throughout the entire trip.

Suitable for any excursion, the Prevost H3 frequently transfers people to various LA City Tours throughout the county. Frequently requested, the Griffith Observatory creates a perfect setting for world-travelers displaying the City’s rich history and beauty making those present feel as if they’re on top of the world. The advantage of booking with TLC Luxury Los Angeles is not the quality found in their equipment, but instead the character and personality of their motor coach operators. Constantly vigilant of the road and their passengers, TLC Luxury Los Angeles’ representatives focus on the passengers safety and experience when showcasing the many places to see in the city. 

Known for its food, Los Angeles maintains the reputation as a must go destination for foodies all over the world. Home to some of the best restaurants in the world, many around the world find themselves in town to experience up-scale Los Angeles Restaurants like Spago in Beverly Hills offering top of the line wines and unbeatable views showing how Los Angeles’ celebrities dine and drink. With its hard woods floors and chrome mirrors, many book TLC Luxury Los Angeles’ Prevost H3 to match the setting of luxury and class when living like a celebrity.

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