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Refund Policy

All deposits are non-refundable within 24 hours of reservation. All web sales are final and the client agrees to pay for all purchases of services. Non-web purchases including company charges, invoices, and/or contracts will be generated by/through Tour Limo Coach - TLC corporate office located at 4490 Business Center Way #103, Las Vegas, NV 89118


  • Rates subject to change
  • Any balances to be paid on the run date before the beginning of the run.
  • Any consideration or refunds will be agreed upon by Tour Limo Coach - TLC in writing. When refunds or credits are approved, the approval request will take a minimum of 72 hours to process.
  • Reservations for 2 hours of limo service or less require a 24-hour notice.
  • Reservations for more than 2 hours of limo service require a 48-hour notice.
  • If a cancellation occurs outside of these parameters, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.


This Privacy Policy is effective and was last updated on December 13, 2017. We hope this policy clarifies our procedures regarding the refund policy. If you have any questions, you may contact us at (702) 448-4284.
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