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About TLC Luxury Los Angeles

The EXPERTS in Los Angeles Transportation

Leading the industry in luxury transportation, TLC Luxury Los Angeles provides the highest quality of service combining luxury equipment and critical amenities. TLC Luxury Los Angeles maintains full transparency more than any Los Angeles Bus Rental company between the motor coach operator and the passengers utilizing state of the art tracking technology allowing passengers to know their vehicle’s location at any time. TLC Luxury Los Angeles offers Wi-Fi technology for passengers gridlocked in notorious LA traffic keeping them from missing a beat personally or professionally.

Servicing all industries, TLC Luxury Los Angeles excels especially when transporting schools to different adventures with air-conditioned school buses and SPAB certified drivers. Operating at the highest level, TLC Luxury Las Vegas exceeds expectations with child friendly drivers and professional office staff ensuring passengers arrive at their destination safely and efficiently. TLC Luxury Los Angeles has been and will continue to set itself apart from the rest as the best option for Los Angeles School Bus Rentals.

First and foremost, TLC Luxury Los Angeles holds client satisfaction in the highest regard. In addition to amenities, TLC Luxury Los Angeles ensures passengers receive top of the line service through the professionalism of office staff and motor coach operators. With the assistance of experienced detailers, TLC Luxury Los Angeles provides immaculate vehicle exteriors and interiors with spotless floors, freshly shined tires, and odor free restrooms. Rest easy knowing your associates will receive a clean vehicle when chartering a Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental with TLC Luxury Los Angeles.

Known for servicing Los Angeles Events of any size, TLC Luxury Los Angeles’ management team never takes no for an answer and exemplifies what it takes to make any program a success. From mass transit moves to Los Angeles Bus Tours, you will never go wrong partnering with TLC Luxury Los Angeles.

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