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Irizar i6 - 56 Passengers

Built and designed by the Spanish, the Irizar i6 is not only the most unique Las Vegas Charter Bus, but also the most elite in the city. With its state of the art equipment, the Irizar i6 sets itself apart from the rest with its beautiful overhead lighting and hard wood flooring creating a moving environment fit for any group. Despite popular belief, it is possible to transport your associates with style and class when booking an Irizar i6 for your group transportation needs.

Originally designed for elegance and beauty, the Irizar i6 has been upgraded to include efficiency and convenience with important amenities every vehicle needs. The live vehicle-tracking feature allows full transparency between you and your vehicle showing its location at any moment creating a sense of calmness knowing your belongings are under your watch at all times. The high speeds of your vehicles wi-fi internet allow you to work on the go keeping you from missing a beat as you experience any of the numerous Las Vegas Events available in the city. 

Superb in every way, the Irizar i6 offers the most comfortable form of Las Vegas Transportation. The spacious seating of the Irizar i6 allows you to fully relax as you fall asleep to the smooth ride of your vehicles electronic suspension on the way from any of the various Las Vegas Tours available in the city. You will not regret chartering an Irizar i6 for any transportation needs.

Just imagine, slowly reclining back in your plush reclining seat relaxing to the music you enjoy most over the high quality sound of your Bosch Entertainment System. You forget about all frustrations and drama of every day life as you watch the world pass you by out the window of your luxury motor coach. Fantasy becomes reality when chartering an Irizar i6 for your local Las Vegas Bus Service.

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