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The Broad Museum


“Edye and I have been deeply moved by contemporary art and believe it inspires creativity and provokes lively conversations.”

- Eli Broad 

In August 2010, the Broads announced plans to finance their own contemporary art museum, The Broad. It's located on Grand Avenue, across the street from MoCA and one block away from the Frank Gehry–designed Walt Disney Concert Hall.  


A view of the interior of The Broad Museum
A view of the interior of The Broad Museum, courtesy Spencer Lowell for TIME

You can see the provocative structure from the street, designed like a sheath that covers up the galleries on the inside. The exterior of the building looks like a honeycomb, and filters light into the space, all made of concrete, to protect the art on the inside. They wanted access to be free, “so that affordability isn’t a criteria to see the art,” said Eli Broad. The view from the outside alone is more than worth the trip, as you will see the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the background of your pics at The Broad. 


Admission is free to the public, and there are over 120,000 pieces in the museum, The museum covers a wide range of art that you can learn about during your visit.


A view of the interior of The Broad Museum in Los Angeles on Sept. 18th, 2015. Spencer Lowell for TIME
A view of the interior of The Broad Museum, courtesy Spencer Lowell for TIME

While you wait for your turn in the Infinity Mirrored Room, take the escalator upstairs to the third floor, so that you can navigate the museum in chronological order. Start with the major artists of the 1950s, including Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Cy Twombly. Then explore the 1960s with the Pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, and Andy Warhol, followed by the 1980s and ’90s with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons. When you return downstairs, complete your visit with the museum’s rotating exhibits, and make sure to view the interesting short film about the Broads in the first-floor video gallery. 

The Broad was designed as a way to give back to the people of Los Angeles through it's larger-than-life art and free addmission.  You can explore the halls of this grand museum to see the history of the collections, and learn how Eli Broad came upon each piece. You might also want to donate to the museum and help keep it running. 


The interior of Broad Museum in Los Angeles - Photo courtesy of The Broad Foundation
A view of the interior of The Broad Museum, courtesy The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation


If want to be immersed in surreal art, allow The Broad to captivate you. 

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