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Skyspace LA Tickets including Skyslide Ride

Skyspace LA Tickets including Skyslide Ride


Embark on an entertaining experience to glimpse downtown LA from an exalted perch nearly 1,000 feet (305 m) above the ground. Enjoy 360-degree vistas of southern California from an observation terrace, and then take a whirl on the Skyslide—a ride that loops around the outside of the US Bank Tower.

After arriving at the US Bank Tower, ascend to the top of the building and emerge at Skyspace LA—an interactive space that allows you to attain bird's-eye views of glittering downtown Los Angeles. Peruse the exhibit's 4 floors, pausing at the Interactive Level to check out features like the Infinity Mirror and Silhouette Wall—both of which employ reflections to create fascinating optical illusions.

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