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Things to Do in Balboa Park

Things to Do in Balboa Park
Balboa Park in beautiful San Diego, California


Originally built for the 1915-16 Exposition, the historic Botanical Building is one of the largest lath structures in the world.


One of the most popular urban parks in the United States, this bucolic paradise is packed with an array of attractions, including the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

The Botanical Building, photo courtesy Visit San Diego (Nov 2018)


The park has been developed over the years as a place that the whole city could visit and have their needs met. When Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo is a must, but there are also other open parks, playgrounds, theaters, museums, and vendors that make the day eventful.


San Diego ZooSan Diego Zoo in Balboa Park - photo courtesy TripAdvisor


Balboa Park is a massive urban park that sits just outside San Diego where you can go to see the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, visit the Botanical Building, and a number of other fun attractions for the whole family.  


Balboa Park giant tree roots
Balboa Park, giant tree roots - photo courtesy TripAdvisor


The Botanical Building boasts more than 2,100 permanent plants, featuring fascinating collections of cycads, ferns, orchids, other tropical plants and palms. It  also presents some of the park’s vibrant seasonal flower displays and is considered a must-see for all San Diego visitors.


San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa ParkThe San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park - photo courtesy TripAdvisor
The San Diego Museum of Art and Natural History Museum are both located in this park, and there are several smaller museums which include historic houses. You could go to the Marston House, or you could try the Science Center, Photography Museum, and the Model Railroad Museum. 


Sunset at Balboa ParkBalboa Park at Sunset - photo courtesy TripAdvisor

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