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SeaWorld® San Diego

Aquarium at SeaWorld® San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego, photo courtesy Smart Destinations  

SeaWorld San Diego is an exciting theme park and aquarium. 


SeaWorld is home to thousands of marine life that includes sharks, orca whales, dolphins, sting rays, giant octopi, polar bears, penguins, and sea otters – to name a few. And you’ll get to interact with some of the marine life, like pet guitar sharks and sting rays. You can have a cleaner fish nibble at your hand, or toss a ball for a dolphin to chase, and lots more. Learn about all of the animals and their natural habitats via entertaining and educational themed exhibits throughout the SeaWorld San Diego park. From entertaining shows to interactive exhibits and displays to immersive thrill rides, it's easy to spend an entire day or more, exploring all there is to do and sea at SeaWorld San Diego.   


Thrill Rides at SeaWorld San DiegoThrill Rides at SeaWorld San Diego, photo courtesy Smart Destinations


Theme Park Rides 

Get a thrill from rides like the super-fast double-launch Manta roller coaster, the deep-plunging Journey to Atlantis splash-making ride, relaxing Bayside Ride, and more.  Enjoy shows and animal exhibits, where you’ll learn about how SeaWorld is a world leader in animal care, conservation, rescue missions, and research. Discover things you can do to help their mission. The exhibits include, Turtle Reef™, Ocean Explorer, and world-famous Shark Encounter, to name just a few. 


SeaWorld® San Diego Ocean Explorer at SeaWorld San Diego, photo courtesy Smart Destinations

Your SeaWorld San Diego Multi-Day ticket includes:

  • Exclusive Go San Diego Card Multi-Day Admission: visit once per day, as many days as your 3, 5, or 7-Day Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass is valid.
  • VIP Line Privileges! Head straight to the turnstile with your Go San Diego Card.
  • Please note: if you purchased a 1 or 2 Day Go San Diego Card, SeaWorld is not included.


Orca WhalesOrca Whales at SeaWorld San Diego, photo courtesy Smart Destinations


Insider tips:

  • Plan your day at SeaWorld around any shows or animal presentations you want to see – check the park map you receive upon entry for the daily schedule of events.
  • Wear quick-dry or water-resistant clothes if you want to go on water rides or sit in the splash zone of any shows.

Fun fact: SeaWorld is the only zoological organization in the Western Hemisphere with an emperor penguin breeding colony!


Orca Whales - SeaWorld® San DiegoOrca Whales at SeaWorld San Diego, photo courtesy Smart Destinations  


The Go San Diego Card is the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility, with SeaWorld San Diego: 3+ Day Ticket available on 3, 5, and 7-Day Passes.  


Get up-close, hands-on animal encounters, educational and entertaining shows, with theme park thrills and rides, and more.

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