Vehicle Amenities

  • Outlets
  • USB Ports
  • Lavatory
  • Foot Rests
  • Luxury Seating
  • WiFi (When Requested)
  • Media Entertainment System

Los Angeles Tour Bus

56 Passengers

Choose The Best Tour Bus Available

The leader in motorcoach manufacturing, the Prevost H3 comes equipped with all the amenities needed to properly showcase LA’s beauty. The Prevost H3 is the preferred tour bus Los Angeles guides choose from year after year.

The Pinnacle In Los Angeles Transportation

Suitable for any excursion, the Prevost H3 finds itself at many places to see in LA. Many don’t realize the importance of booking a high quality charter bus until it’s too late. Don’t make the same mistake! 


You Call The Shots

Choose the Prevost H3 and we will make sure you don’t miss anything when planning your next trip. You will call all the shots while we make helpful suggestions along the way. 

Prevost H3 Brochure