Vehicle Amenities

  • Outlets
  • PA System
  • Cloth Seating
  • Upgraded AC System
  • Rear Luggage Storage
  • WiFi (When Requested)
  • ADA Compliant Wheel Chair Lift

Las Vegas Motor Coach Rental

40 Passengers

Not Your Average Charter Bus Rental

A Las Vegas motor coach is a charter bus that is integrally built on a monocoque chassis. The Temsa TS-35 is built and designed just like a tour bus, but creates options when finding the best available rate.

A True Luxury Rental

The Temsa TS-35 creates a comfortable environment for its passengers featuring wood floors and luxury seating. The bold design of the TS-35 impresses those on board during its charters.

A Luxury Las Vegas Charter Experience

The Temsa TS-35’s size makes it the perfect choice for maneuvering the ‘ins and outs’ of the Las Vegas Strip as quickly as possible. Additionally, the TS-35’s size reduces your costs if you end up having less people than expected.

Temsa TS 35 Brochure

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