Vehicle Amenities

  • Outlets
  • USB Ports
  • Foot Rests
  • Luxury Seating
  • Sky View Window
  • WiFi (When Requested)
  • Media Entertainment System

Las Vegas Mini Bus Rental

14-27 Passengers

Your Mini Bus Rental Should Stand Out

Have you heard? There is a “luxury mini bus” in Vegas that is actually what you expect. Grech Motors’ Ford F 550 mini bus is certainly a much higher quality than the industry standard. You will undoubtedly impress your clients with the hardwood floors and stitched leather seats of your Las Vegas mini bus rental. 

The Real Las Vegas Experience

Nobody talks about how Vegas has changed the past 10 years. The high quality standard has seemed to disappear and been replaced with disappointing experiences. We will provide you a high quality charter bus rental with any vehicle in our impressive fleet of  Las Vegas buses.


The Quality To Expect

We didn’t just choose the name TLC Luxury because we thought it was cool. We chose our name because it best describes us as a company. Rely on us when requesting bus rental rates in Las Vegas.

Grech Motors Ford F 550 Mini Bus